Without a doubt, Babies and Beyond gave us the very best start to our twin parenthood. As first time parents, we were thrilled to bring our girls home, but nervous and inexperienced. Shelly Gott and her knowledgeable team of doulas came into our home, all with the same caring, sensitive approach, and taught everything we know. From basic needs like feeding and bathing to the more skilled task of establishing a sleep and nap schedule, Shelly walked us through every step. Taking her advice has lead us to great success, and we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without her support. Our daughters are happy, healthy babies who can sleep and eat consistently. Moreover, we are better parents because of the confidence we gained throughout our time with the agency. Working with Shelly and her team has been a fantastic experience!

Natalie S.

Shelly and her team at Babies and Beyond are absolutely fantastic. My husband and I often comment that we are not sure we would have survived without them those first couple months! We had our first baby last year. Having Shelly there to help from the moment we got home from the hospital was invaluable. Babies and Beyond was so helpful in learning the ropes of infant parenting as well as providing me support as a new mother. Shelly and her team were wonderful with our baby….I could take a break knowing she was in excellent care! We would not hesitate to hire them again!!!

Whitney L.

I cannot speak highly enough about Shelly and her sleep coaching. She was amazing to work with and helped me to get my twins sleep on track in a way that was sensitive to our family’s goals and established routines. Our lives have vastly improved since working with her!

Ashley F.

We were referred to Shelly to care for our twin babies by good friends who had triplets, so we knew she must know what she was doing! Immediately upon coming home from the hospital, we were so glad to have made the decision and investment. Shelly’s practical knowledge of baby behavior, appropriate routine, and breastfeeding is immensely helpful. Shelly became a close friend of our family, and in a particular time of great need, she demonstrated commitment and a level of trust like no other, and when we really needed her. Having a doula is not a luxury, it is often a necessity, and we are thankful to have had Shelly in our home during a tough period as first-time parents. I have recommended Shelly to other families that have used her since, and will continue to! We would have had Shelly 7 nights a week if that were possible ;)!

Jody M.

Shelly and her team were fantastic in providing us with the much needed post partum support after our twins were born. Shelly is a wealth of information and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of infant care. She was great at troubleshooting issues that came up – our twins had reflux and various digestive issues and we would never have known how to diagnose these issues and deal with them without her help.

Adithya M.

Having a doula was priceless for us! Shelly and her team of doulas offered knowledgeable, compassionate care for our twins from the day we came home from the hospital. Nursing was very important to me and Shelly understood this and helped implement a plan that worked very well for us. By 5 months old, our twins were sleeping through the night (7pm-6am) consistently. I highly recommend Shelly and her team!

Lisa D.

Shelly helped my 4 month old go from sleeping 2-3 hours at night to 10 hours! The sleep training was very simple, and I was amazed at how quickly I saw results! So thankful we found Babies and Beyond!

Kelly H.

Shelly is truly gifted at her job. We didn’t have help outside the family with our first child, but when we brought our second child home just over two years later, we knew we needed an extra set of hands, especially at night. Shelly came highly recommended, and she still exceeded our expectations. She goes beyond just caring for the baby – she cares for the family as a whole. Knowing that she would be with our baby at night was a huge comfort, but also having someone to talk to, ask questions, etc was an amazing (in home!) resource.

Renee G.